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Welcome to our FinTech Academy where you can learn from our experts as they offer points of view on various topics to help you navigate today’s ever-changing future of payments.

FinTech Academy Video Series

Watch experts give their insight on the challenges of managing a payments portfolio. 

Chargebacks Are Killing Your Business 3:15

Watch our experts discuss the difficulties of dispute resolution and fighting every chargeback that comes through the store.

Downgrades? What Are They? 2:03

Downgrades occur all the time but what are they? How do they fit in with Interchange rates? Our experts discuss this very issue. Take a look.

Settling Payment Types and Multiple Touchpoints 2:14

Our experts discuss the difficulties of reconciling and reporting on payments across multiple locations and across multiple touchpoints.

Merchant Statement PH.D 1:51

You almost need a PH.D to read and interpret a merchant statement from your processor. Imagine reading one for each store. It is impossible. By incorporating technology into the process of analyzing these statements you can find ways to lower costs and never look at a statement again.

Daily Deposits & Funding – Settlement 101 1:11

There is a better way to settle your transactions from your processor to bank and make sure your daily deposits match. There is also a better way to match deposits across POS to Processor to Bank.

Managing Costs Risks Better 2:19

Our experts discuss how technology and software can help you manage the cost risks associated with a payment portfolio decreasing fraud and other areas of risk.

How Are You Optimizing Your Payments Data 1:48

How are you optimizing your payments data today? How are you taking the information from your electronic payments and turning it into intelligence for your business? Our experts discuss ways to report and use your transaction data to better your business intelligence.

What To Do When Your Payments Chain Breaks down? 1:10

Breakdowns can happen along your transaction flow for a number of reasons. Outages can occur leaving your business exposed. By implementing the right kind of solutions you can save yourself time and money.

FinTech Academy eBook Series

Download and read thoughtful and engaging ebooks on various processes and practices.  

FinTech Academy Infographic Series

Download and view our visually engaging infographics that simplify important insights and data to help educate you on the latest trends.