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Handling how you manage payments, processor data and bank deposits is very important. Red Carpet Software is a new innovative and easy to use method of reporting payments data. It’s fast, seamless and secure. Manage chargebacks, downgrades, cost analysis and sales trending all in one place. No more portals and no more spreadsheets.

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Chargeback Reduction

Experience a potential 20% reduction in your chargebacks by fighting all chargebacks in one place through one platform. Manage workflow internally and externally while making sure no chargeback or dispute of any kind falls through the cracks.

Settlement Time

Experience 30 minutes of daily savings in FTE time settling disputes, reconciling deposits and building reports on your payments portfolio. Reduce overhead and labor costs with this do-it-all dashboard too.

FTE Cost Savings

Red Carpet Software on average can save your business 1-2 FTE in time savings by doing all the heavy lifting on your payments portfolio for you. Manage chargebacks, processor fees, reporting and more all-in-one place.

*statistics will vary based on customer business case. This is a typical average based on current customer data. 


Managed Alerts

Choose your alerts and get notifications in a matter of minutes.

Actionable Reports

Next start getting emailed reports of your choice and start performing automated actionable reporting.

Save Time

Sit back and relax because your life just got a whole lot easier by using Red Carpet Software.

Powerful Automation

True Power

Microsoft© Azure™ Cloud

Advanced Reporting

All Processor & Payment Types

Easy Implementation


Daily Funding Settlement Automation

Payments come from so many sources that managing them can be a major pain. Red Carpet Software automatically consolidates and settles every payment into a single daily report and deposit so you don’t have to! Settle all transactions from the POS to processor to bank. Daily deposit tracking and daily funding settlement has never been easier.


Fight chargebacks in minutes!

No matter how many locations, keep a pulse on your revenue. With Red Carpet Software, you know exactly when disputes occur and what needs to be done to control fees and losses.Take initiative to contest transaction disputes on a fast track basis. Always be the first to know and receive instant alerts and notifications on mission-critical elements such as retrievals or chargebacks. Resolve and fulfill all chargebacks automatically saving time and losses.


Processor and Interchange Visibility Engine

Get the visibility you need over your processor fees any time across all your locations. Red Carpet Software is all about having your back giving you the visibility you need make sure your controlling your costs in various areas such as downgrades, hidden fees, processor contract and all your card types, loyalty cards and more.


Sales Trending Intelligence

Increase your business intelligence with analytics and trending reports on all your card data, transaction information and more. Red Carpet Software’s visibility engine brings the data to you in easy to read reports, graphs and grids all exportable for presentation to your senior leadership. Capture transactions trends by industry, card type and even department type. If integrated into your POS system Red Carpet Software can bring even more trending reports on transaction by products purchased and more.

How The Project Was Received

“Red Carpet is going to allow us to get a closer handle on our credit card costs and fees, at a much better value to our company. We like the ability to research and query information when needed to help answer questions about specific transactions. Their dashboard is easy to use – very customer friendly.”

Mike BealChief Operating Officer

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With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with payments management automation has never been easier.